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Oral Hygiene instructions

Gum1. We recommend sugar free chewing gum strips, it will increase blood flow to the nerves in your teeth and decrease the pain of your teeth.

2. Any pain medication can be used, as long as it is suitable for your age

e.g. Panado

3. Something cold (Soft ice-cream, Jelly) will also help in the beginning after bandings and adjustments have been made in the next 2-4 appointments, this will temporary relax the wires and relieve your teeth from any tension.

Instruction-Images-2Eating habits

There are 4 things you need remember before eating any food:

1. Avoid hard foods:

• Nuts

• Popcorn (Jumping Jacks are allowed)

• Hard sweets e.g. Lollipops, chocolate, etc. (don’t bite it or chew it)

• Ice cubes


2. Avoid sticky foods:

Toffees, Fizzers, Wine Gums, Wilson Toffees, Energy Bars, etc

3. Avoid biting food off with your front teeth:

• Hard bread and crusts

• Fruit has to be sliced up e.g. apples, pears, peaches

• Corn has to be sliced off from the cob

• Raw vegetables (rather cut it into small pieces or cook/steam it)

• No biltong or droëwors is allowed unless the biltong is thinly sliced.

4. Avoid eating meat from the bone:

• Meat has to be cut off from the bone e.g. Ribs, chops, chicken, etc.

Cut everything into small pieces


It is really important to maintain good oral hygiene with braces to prevent plaque buildup.

Plaque buildup causes gingivitis (bleeding gums), cavities and decalcification (white stains on your teeth). These stains are permanent.


We recommend that you visit the dentist ever 6 to 12 months.


• ALWAYS use a soft toothbrush.

• Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day, after meals.

• Brush 2 teeth at a time.

• Brush 8 circles above the brackets, 8 circles over the brackets and 8 circles underneath the brackets. Also brush 8 circles on the inside of the mouth, 2 teeth at a time.


Interdental Brush

• Interdental brushes are used to clean between the braces (where your toothbrush can’t reach) to remove food and plaque

• Use the interdental Brush after meals, together with your toothbrush 2 to 3 times a day after meals.



• Floss with Superfloss 3 times a week or more.

• Floss at night before you go to bed.



Breakages mostly happen when the correct eating habits aren’t being applied.

Be careful, as this can result in an extended treatment duration. By replacing brackets, bands and wires regularly, we have to move a step back with the wires, this interferes with the treatment and prevents us from moving forward with the treatment as planned.

Please give us a call in advance if anything is broken or loose.

Use the wax to cover any part of the braces that’s scratching your lips or cheeks. The wax is safe to swallow, but please remove it before eating or brushing your teeth.

See video below on how to apply wax:




It is REALLY important to wear your retainers as prescribed, your teeth WILL relapse if you don’t!

Different types of retainers:

Clear retainer (Tru-Tain)




Hawley Retainer Compliance

Fixed retainers:



How to wear your retainer

We need to see you 3 more times after your braces have been removed and you have received your retainers. You will wear your retainer for another year and nine months, we will explain everything in detail with every appointment.

Month 1-3

You need to wear your retainer full time during these 3 months

Month 4-9

You need to wear your retainer every night during these 6 months

Month 10-21

You will gradually wear your retainer less in the next 12 months (will be explained).

Please remember to bring your retainer with EVERY appointment as it needs to be adjusted and monitored, therefore all appointments must be kept.

Whenever your retainer fits tight, it means your teeth are moving, in this case, wear your retainer more often or even full time for a week or more, until your teeth are stable again.

Place your retainer in a container whenever you remove it, to prevent breakage and misplacing it.

Remove your retainer whenever you eat, drink something (except water), hot drinks will melt it and cold drinks will discolor it.

Cleaning of retainers

You have to brush your retainer twice a day (when you brush your teeth) because plaque accumulates on it. Use a soft toothbrush and a liquid soap or an alcohol free mouth rinse. Toothpaste damages retainers.


If you lose or break your retainer or if your lower retainer wire comes loose, please give us a call as soon as possible and book an appointment so that we can replace or re-cement it.

To prevent your lower retainer from breaking, avoid biting into hard and sticky foods. (apples, carrots, biltong, toffees, etc.)

Please look after your retainers, they are very expensive!!


We see you every 6-8 weeks for a follow up appointment, please keep to your appointment times, because specific times are allocated for specific procedures.

Please brush your teeth before your appointments.

Arriving late might result in rescheduling of appointments.
Please cancel appointments 24 hours or more in advance, a fee will be charged for appointments not kept or cancelled timeously.
Please phone in if anything (brackets, bands, elastics, wires) is broken or loose, even if your appointment is the same day, we will need extra time to replace or fix it (30min+). You can also give us a call if something is scratching.